I was in a deep sleep when i heard a knock at my door, i was startled at first but still summoned courage and asked slowly

“who is that?”
“it’s me aunty Florence”

i checked the time and it was just 5:30 in the morning,

“ah ah have i done anything wrong for her to visit me this early morning?” i soliloquized while i walked slowly towards the door wondering why the sudden visit (she has never done that before)

I opened the door.

“Aunty good morning Ma”

“Good morning Ozioma, how was your night?”

“Great aunty”

“ehm… Ozii I want you to play this Bet9ja Booking Codes when you get to work today, i want you to play this two at the top #200 each, cutting 1 and and the remaining one with #500 but no cutting”

“Please don’t forget to bring back my ticket when coming back”

“i will aunty”

She left and i closed my door and head back to my bed so I can force myself to sleep back.

There came another knock at (louder and harder) with a familiar voice (my mom) i rushed to open the door

“Good morning mum”

“Are you not going to work this one you are still on bed by this time??” she asked

I checked my clock and it was 8:15 am,

“Oh my God im late for work” i said as i rush down to the bathroom, took my bath and prepare for work.

I got to the office very late that day but got no questioning from anyone because I was the manager of the bet9ja branch where i worked…. I got into the office, head down straight to my computer and started work immediately.

Not quite long i got a call but ignored because it was weekend and i had so many customers to attend to but the call persisted until a customer had to intervened asking me to pick up the call that he was going to wait so i picked up the call and it was Sharon, aunty flory’s only daughter who was a fashion designer somewhere in mbaise local Government area in Imo state.

“Sharon baby”

“How are you doing?” she asked

“Im fine dear, Just working at the office” i replied

“Ehe Ozii, I want you to play that game my mother gave you for me” she said

“how am i going play it??” i asked

“i want you to play those cutting one bookings 100naira each and the remaining one with 200naira, ill give you the money when i return from work”

“No wahala, well see in the evening” i said before ending the call.

I went to their house that night from work to take the 300naira Sharon owed me. When i got there, both aunty Flory and her Sharon asked me about their ticket but i told them i forgot it at the shop and they shouldnt worry that i will come home with it the next day which was Saturday, they accepted, gave me my 300naira and i left.

This same thing happened the next day when Sharon came to take their tickets,

“Jesus Christ Of Nazareth!” I shouted like someone who just saw a snake

She became startled….
“What happened?” she asked

“I forgot it again” i said in a low tone

The Information was like a joke to her, she thought it was a very big prank. She smiled and shaked her head.

“I know you are joking, common go inside and get me my tickets idiot” she said with a smile.

At first i was afraid that she might take a drastic action but on a second thought, she was my age mate and a very soft girl… so i summoned the courage and told.

“Im serious, i forgot them at the office, please dont be angry” I said to her

“Dont come back to this house without those tickets” she angrily said and left immediately.

I entered inside to get some rest but couldnt get any because Sharon has never overreacted this way before (it was really serious)

“Sharon and her Mum will kill me if i fail to get their bet9ja booking tickets when coming back tomorrow” I said to myself.

Is it that Ozioma really forgot those tickets or she didnt play it at all or she doesnt want to give them their ticket?
Were going to find out on the next Episode.

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