Aunty flory is married to Mr. Albert who happened to be the brother of Mr. James who is married to Mrs. Juliet. This extended family together are made up of 8 young boys and 2 girls. They are strongly united both spiritually and physically that it was so hard for an outsider to dictate whose child was who.

“Good morning aunty Flory”

“ehe Nono how was your night”

“It was great aunty”

“Nono, this is a token of appreciation for the bet9ja game you gave me last week” aunty Flory said as she gave him the sum of 2000 naira.

“Thank you ma. How much did you win aunty” Nono happily asked

“I played those ones with cutting one with 200 naira each and the other one with 500naira and i won 22,000naira” aunty Flory happily said.

“Your money is not complete aunty” Nono said

“What do you mean” asked aunty flory

“i played that same game with 300naira and won 90,000naira so yours should be up to 120,000naira or even above” Nono fumes hot.

Aunty Flory broke into silent for about 30sec

“No wonder she has been celebrating since Monday. Can you imagine that this little girl gave her mother 20,000naira and 15,000naira to her father, she also got herself a new android phone” aunty flory angrily told Nono

“She has been spending your money extravagantly, this girl can kill, aunty you really need to act fast” Nono blustered.

Aunty flory went home that morning with so much anger, she even cancelled all her appointment for that day because of Me. She waited for me to return from work so she could collect the rest of her money. She even told her children about that and they were so angry too.

She bumped into my mum and i that night as we were having our dinner at their corridor.

“Good evening ma” ozioma greeted

“Hold you greetings my dear, i’m here to tell you that you should not forget to bring back my balance when coming back from work tomorrow” aunty flory growled at me before leaving.

I held my forehead which felt slightly warmer. The corridor was dead silent. I looked at my mum but her face wasn’t funny anymore. I noticed things were about to go so ugly when she looked back at me and bent her face and continued eating. I had to lie when she asked me about it as i was clearing the table after eating.

“Honestly i don’t believe that you will be asking me this kind of question… do i look like a thief or a scammer” i jumped down her throat when she asked

“hahahaha ah aah my daughter,, can’t someone play with you again… you know you’re my favourite daughter and i will always have your back in anything you do… don’t mind these people, they’ve seen the good things you have been doing to your dad and i… they just want to spoil your name… just go and sleep tomorrow we’ll go and warn her for this nonsense she just did this night” my mum said all this to calm me down.

I entered my room but couldn’t sleep, my head was filled with so much thoughts

I didn’t give them their tickets, i didn’t tell anyone about this so how did she find out that, oh God! What will i do now that I’ve spent almost all the money…. they last thing i will do is to allow myself to be put to shame so i have to take a very drastic step to make sure this case closes without anyone blaming me… at least i have my mother’s support and i’m sure i will also have my dad’s back too.

This thought gave me confidence which now made me sleep happily that night.

The next morning i went to meet her husband uncle Albert so he can warn his wife for rendering false accusation on me last night

“Good morning sir”

“Good morning Ozioma how are doing?”

“I’m fine sir” i replied

“i came to see you concerning what your wife aunty flory did to me last night”

“What did she do?” he replied with so much curiosity

“She came to my house accusing me of stealing her money which i didn’t”

He called Aunty Flory so she can explain which she did perfectly…. He asked me if was true but i denied it… i was shocked when the husband told me to provide the ticket as a proof…

Do you think this is going to end well for ozioma???

We’re going to find out on the next Episode.

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