I spent most of my day lying down on a chair and my eyes kept staring at the celeing as different thoughts kept running through my head.

It was too much on me that I had to seek advice from my colleagues.

Anita came closer to me smiling.. I became startled that I had to shift back..

”are you possessed” I asked.

“Common, you know I’m not possessed.. Just come close let me give you small sense” she replied with laughter.

I Drew closer then she whispered to my ear… I broke into silence for about 15secs staring at her like someone who just saw a ghost as she also stared back at me smiling..

“This is actually the best advice you have given me since I’ve known you”

I told her as I put my phones and handkerchief inside my purse then gave her a warm hug before running out of the shop.

I took a ride which stopped me at the nearest cyber café. I paid the bike man and rushed inside without even bothering to collect my change..

“Good afternoon young lady, how may we help you” the Cyber guy greeted while offering me a sit.

“Please, how much do you charge for photoshoping” I asked anxiously

“It depends” the Cyber guy replied with a cute smile on his face.

“How much will you take to edit this bet slip for me?”

“just a thousand Naira” the cyber guy replied

So I gave him everything so he could start working on it immediately.

Let me see how that woman thinks she will win this fight, she thinks she knows everything baa.. I can’t wait to reach get home so I can deal with this once and for all.

It didn’t take him up to 45mins to finish my work, I took the print out, looked at it, smiled and left the cyber café.. I slowly walked down to a nearby bar where I ordered a chilled holandian yoghurt and one full chicken which I used to calm my nerves down before heading back to the office happily.

“hellooo ladies” I shouted as I danced inside our office

“ozii how did it go na” Anita asked with so much curiosity

“Everything went perfectly… babe to be honest eeeh.. You are a danm fucking thief” I told Anita

“You are just a learner, besides you really fucked up at the initial stage” Anita lamented

“How” I asked with so much curiosity drawing closer to her

“this is what you should have done a long time ago… had it been you gave her this photoshoped slip before the game won, she wouldn’t have had the guts to walk up on you like that demanding for the rest of the money”

I broke into silence for about 30sec as I became week once again

“yeeeeeeees you’re right but I didn’t know anything about this Photoshop of a thing ” I bleated

“Anyways don’t panic.. just go home and shame the woman by proving your innocence… but remember…”

“Remember what again na?” I asked anxiously

“You are guilty”

“You’re silly” I chortled and then retired to my duty post to round up for the day.

I was almost done balancing account when I hear bike sound outside our shop.. I checked it was Ekene my bike man.. I quickly finish up, closed the windows, shut the doors and then jumped on the bike heading home.

Not so long we arrived at our compound so I jumped down, paid the bike man and started heading straight to aunty Flory’s house … when I got there, I noticed aunty Flory and her husband had a visitor… they were all discussing

“Wow this is my golden opportunity to disgrace this woman in the presence of her husband and their visitor” I said to myself as I went closer to them

“Good evening all” I greeted them as I drew much closer to uncle Albert

“good evening ozii” they all replied and jumped back to their discussion

“this is the coupon you said I should bring while coming back from the office today” I whispered to uncle Albert as I handrd the coupon over to him..

Aunty Flory and the visitor observed the scenario so they had to pause their conversation so we can finish..

Uncle Albert gave his wife the coupon after going through it… meanwhile the moment of silent still continued as aunty Flory go through the coupon.

“Is there any difference between what is written inside that coupon and the money she gave you” Uncle Albert asked turning toward his wife.

I stood where I was imagining what could be Uncle Albert’s next action towards his wife….

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