Aunty Flory didn’t say a word when her husband asked her the question.. He repeated his question but this time on a louder tone.. i could see the look on her face she was frightened and now uncomfortable.

“No difference” she answered

“Then why did you accuse her of stealing your money” he asked

“em em em”

“em em em what or are you now dumb” he jumped down her throat

“I’m sorry”

“I’m highly disappointed in you, how could you… how do you even want this little girl that is younger than your only daughter to look at you knowing that you accused her wrongly?”He lashed out at her again

Aunty flory stood up and started walking straight to me with so much shame “ozii i’m sorry” she said trying to grab my right hand… immediately i took a step backward in other to restrain her from doing that. “Aunty please don’t touch me”

“You embarrassed me in front of my mum and now you’re here begging … my mum thinks I’m a thief and I’m sure he must have told my dad by now.. Now tell me, how do you want me to change my mum’s mindset towards me.” I lashed out at her without even considering the fact that she was old enough to be my mother.

My mum heard my voice and ran out to know why i was shouting.. her presence encouraged me so i raised my voice the more until uncle Albert shouted my name before i stopped.

“What is going on here” my mum asked but no one replied

“Why are you shouting my daughter“ she asked again

“ask your co-sister-in-law who came to our house last night and accused of stealing her money ” i told mum

“Flory can you please tell me what is happening here right now before i do something drastic” my mum asked again with so much curiosity.

Uncle Albert explained everything to her to the best of his knowledge.

“i knew it from the look on her face when i told her about the money my daughter gave my husband and i after winning huge sum of money from bet9ja… your wife always come to lay complaints on how my daughter here has been misbehaving but I’ve always give her deaf ears because i knew all was a lie… i thank God she has exposed herself through her selfish act… i know my daughter very well, she cannot stoop so low to steal someone’s money” my mum lamented.

Meanwhile, aunty Flory stood where she was when i restrained her from holding my hand facing the floor in shame as she took all the insult..

I felt pity for her when i saw tears rushing down her cheek so i had to calm my mum down but she wouldn’t listen to me.

My mum continued shouting until Uncle Albert and the visitor succeeded in calming her down

“We’ve seen everything how everything happened and i believe she has learnt her lesson from this.. Please take your daughter home so she can rest while i talk to my wife” Uncle Albert said in a peaceful voice

“noooo, it’s not over yet, i feel like making you pay for damaging my daughter’s image” my yelledat him .

“Mummy calm down it has not gotten to that” i told my mum

“will you shut that your dirty mouth?.. What do you know??.. you’re even luck she has not started gossiping round the village with your name” she jumped down my throat

“How do you want me to make up for the damage i’ve paid for the damages i’ve caused you and your daughter” aunty flory asked while still bending her face down out of shame.

Out of pity, i drew closer to her and said “you don’t have to pay for anything because you owe me nothing… i just want to prove my innocence and also to tell you did was absolutely wrong”

The visitor stood up and was about to leave.. he said something before leaving which is “only God knows the truth about everything.. he will reveal it when the time comes”

I said to myself “unless you are now God to reveal the real truth when i’ve already manipulated my own truth”

The question is, how is the truth going to come out, when, and from who is it going to come out from??

We’re going to find out in the next episode.. just stay tuned and for the next update.

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