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Fashion Display Of Chika Ike As She Returns Back To Lagos, Nigeria



Chika Ike is a fashionista with great fashion sense and she loves flaunting her dress boldly on social media for upcoming fashionistas to learn and update their wardrobe.

Chike Ike has been causing waves in the fashion industry as she’s seen flaunting her outfit in different countries like Greece, Switzerland, USA and her dressing pattern always attract attention because she dresses decently.

Chika is back to Nigeria and her fashion sense has enhanced because she has learnt new fashion styles from different fashionistas. Looking at the pictures below, you will observe that her outfit is beautiful coupled with the color combination of fabrics.

Chika’s makeup

Her makeup is mild, matured and it fits the shape of her face and her outfit. If you look at her lips, you may think she did not apply anything on it but she’s wearing a nude lipstick and it’s well aligned.

Chika’s accessories

Her earring, necklace, wristwatch and bangle enhanced the beauty of her appearance. Her dress can be recreated for those that doesn’t like armless dress.

Chika’s hairstyle
Her hair is made with attachment and the hair is neatly plaited. If you want to copy her hair style, kindly purchase the color of attachment that will fit your skin complexion before visiting the saloon.

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