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Reno Omokri responds to a fan who asks for his bank account number in order to send him money.



Reno Omokri is a Nigerian politician, preacher, activist, motivational speaker, and social media personality who served as a presidential aide to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. He took to his official Facebook page a few hours ago to respond to one of his followers who appeared to be inspired by him and demanded his account number in order to send him money.

Reno stated that he would like to express his gratitude to this individual, who has been identified as Jeremiah, for wanting to sow a seed into his life on his own while praying for God’s blessing. He also stated that he has bestowed his blessings on him and that as a result, he will begin to engage in stress-free labor.

He also suggests that he give the money to his mother, claiming that doing so will bring him even more blessings. Finally, he inquires as to how he believes he was able to overcome poverty at such a young age. He, on the other hand, claimed that he honored his parents by sowing financial seeds into their lives, and that they, in turn, spoke words of blessings over him, implying that he had become financially self-sufficient.

Mr. Reno appears to have been thoughtful enough to use his online platforms to share important information that appears to have inspired and motivated many of his fans.

So therefore in my opinion it is only normal for the young man to have felt the need to return the kind gesture.

Guys, what is your take on this? Did he make some sense here or not?

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